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Lloyd was born in Virden, Manitoba, Canada and presently resides in Ponoka, Alberta, Canada. Lloyd is a firm believer that dedication and working hard is the biggest priority on any job site. He learned these principles while he dedicates himself to another passion he has—lifting weights. He says, Lifting weights has been a constant source of enrichment and has contributed to a healthy lifestyle and more productive work time each and every day. Lifting weights is hard work and requires dedication to go every day. The oil industry can be hard work at times and very stressful but lifting weights helps to alleviate and reduce the daily stress of the job.”

He attended and completed the Petroleum Engineering Technology program in 2005. He won 3 scholarships, graduated with honors and was President of the SAIT Petroleum Society in his final year. He also received some continued professional development by completing the Petroleum Engineering Technology program and subsequent certification to become a Certified Engineering Technologist. He also maintained all his safety certifications and required courses to continue his consultancy work. Lloyd genuinely believes there is nothing he can’t do if he puts his mind to it, and time and time again his successes confirm this.

Lloyd has managed up to 105 employees with a $15M budget, ensuring optimal productivity to complete projects on time and under budget. Lloyd is a positive, loyal and pragmatic leader who is committed to excellence and has worked in multiple locations worldwide with diverse nationalities, including in Canada, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Turkmenistan and the Sudan. He is a quick learner and has proficiencies in heavy equipment operation, interpersonal communication and problem solving.

If asked about his favorite part of the job, Lloyd responds with, “No two days are ever the same and there is always something new to learn on a daily basis. There is also the benefit of working in new countries, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and expanding my worldly knowledge.”

As far as accomplishments, while working with Chevron, Lloyd had a record bit run and also cut the longest core ever. He also worked with Pason to help format and develop the new computerized Pason tour sheet.

Lloyd welcomes executive career opportunities of equal diversity and scope, with preference for a Drilling Superintendent, Drilling Supervisor, Consultant, Manager or Foreman role. He is open to opportunities in alignment with his present career ambitions, which would be to take on any suitable oil and gas field management-oriented position, where he can take his passion to make a difference and apply it in real life situations.




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